When your baby is injured during birth, you have a right to compensation to help cover medical bills resulting from medical errors. A lawsuit is the best way for you to receive damages from the person(s) responsible for the injures your child sustained. The main reason for filing a lawsuit is to pay for the care that your child needs today and will need in the future. A child that suffered from a birth injury requires different care than a child that did not sustain an injury. This care is costly. There are other reasons to consider filing a lawsuit. You should learn more about filing a lawsuit if that is the route you choose to go.

A lawsuit is a great way for you to seek justice for the injuries that will have some impact on your child for the rest of their life. Depending on the exact diagnosis and severity of the injuries, your child may have difficulty walking, talking, eating, moving, or speaking. If someone is the cause of this, that person should be held responsible. Otherwise, you will be left trying to pay medical bills that you cannot afford. If you file a lawsuit, it may encourage other families struggling to pay medical bills to come forward and seek compensation for injures sustained by their child. Your lawsuit may shine a light on decencies at a hospital or continual negligence by a health care provider. Your lawsuit can make other families aware of these problems and avoid those particular health providers. Your lawsuit may even show a pattern of behavior for the doctor and result in that person not being able to practice medicine.

The amount of compensation differs depending on the circumstances. The injury that your baby sustained and the long-term implications have an impact on how much you can receive in damages. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, you should do that immediately. There is a statute of limitations on lawsuits. Typically, a lawsuit can still be filed two to three years after the injury, but the laws are changing often and differ depending on where you’re located. States may set their own timeframes and some are longer while others are shorter. You should consult a lawyer right away to determine how much time you have and which course of action you should take to seek justice and compensation. An experienced lawyer will know the requirements and limits in the state in which your baby was born and help you figure out the next steps.