FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. This is the most popular bag that is made with pure fabric. Also, you could call it bulk bags as such bags have a lot of space to contain a lot of things. You could easily put around 500-4000 pounds of weights into it. If you are into the business of transporting things into different cities this bag is going to serve a major purpose. This is a jumbo-sized bag that makes it easy to carry a lot of things at the same time. There are different kinds of Fibc bags available in the market such as U-panel bags, Circular bags, 4-panel bags, Liner bags, and more. You could pick any of it according to your own preference of shape. But there are 2 things you must know before you choose any of these bags for buying. Wanna know what are such 2 things? Let us tell you.

Wholesale Density- A fabric bag is required while purchasing or delivering wholesale products from suppliers. So your chosen bag should have that much space to carry such bulk products. Such as when you have 1000 kg of sands to carry or deliver you must need a bag that has this much density to carry such a bulk amount of products. So it’s highly advised no matter what shaped bag you choose, always ensure its wholesale density. Such jumbo bags are primarily used for the transportation of huge products. The size of the bags is what matters the most when it comes to delivering such bulk amounts of order. Don’t compromise with the size even if you get your preferred shape and quality. remember one thing a small-sized bag could lead to major hassles even more than you could imagine. So, yes knowing the size is a primary thing that you must keep in your mind while choosing such bags.

Scope of customization- maybe it sounds materialistic but it’s indeed an important factor to consider. Almost every fibc bag has that special specification of customization. Brands that manufacture such bags claim that these bags are 100% customizable. Now you may ask why customization is this important. It’s important to match the criteria of storage of products, delivery, and transportation of products. Customizing your bags on the basis of such criteria will prevent the chance of leakage or any kind of blunder. Not every bag you see in the markets have such flexibility of customization. So before placing your bulk orders of the bag ensure you could customize it according to the criteria of production. Also, do ensure the fabric used in preparing such bags is flexible enough to be customized. A high-Quality fabric could effectively increase the durability of such bags as well.

The above mentioned 2 things should be on your mind while picking any of such bags. Also, do ensure the supplier is honest enough as a dishonest supplier could easily get you in trouble by delivering cheap quality bags that burst when you put heavyweight material into it.