As the company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with changes and tax calculations. Management modernization is therefore inevitable. Thus, managers tend to seek solutions that can assist in this administration. Follow some technologies already used and others imminent.

Electronic invoice issuer

The electronic invoice is not yet mandatory for any type of entrepreneur. In some states the MEI can still opt for the single note. However, it is only a matter of time before the electronic mode is required across the country. Still, even small businesses can benefit from an electronic invoice system, especially if there are multiple issues per day. The filling is automatic, which saves managers and employees time, who can dedicate themselves to other activities in the company. Because it is instantaneous, the company avoids data errors, ruling out possible problems arising from this action.

Cloud storage

Cloud computing aims to ensure ease, security, efficiency, accessibility and cost reduction in all company transactions. In the tax area, this makes the business more protected and controlled in relation to the taxes already paid. In this way, the company gains productivity, since the organization of information and the guarantee that it will be found influence this aspect. The consequence of this is an increase in sales, a reduction in tax risks and a more simplified calculation of Taxes as an independent contractor. It must be borne in mind that manual control of cash inflows and outflows, payments and tax calculations is subject to human error.


One of the novelties in the area is robotics in accounting. It aims to propose a review in the way of recording and storing information, since the actions will be thought, executed and automated with the help of a robot. By being programmed, robots can predict, anticipate and react to unexpected situations in the business. The monitoring of market development is another facility that technology provides.

Block chain

Much talked about in the field of crypto currencies and, little by little, being implemented in other areas, it is not so far away from block chain being a reality in tax management. With this type of technology, actions carried out on the web are validated using a unique identification key, encryption and decentralized information. With this, internal transactions and with other companies are more transparent and efficient, since the information can be checked and updated at the same time for everyone

Machine Learning

The purpose of machine learning is to grant autonomy so that machines can perform tasks independently. It is a form of artificial intelligence that learns from our preferences and daily choices and starts to behave in a personalized way, in order to meet the specific needs of each business. Thus, the company can delegate various routines to the systems, which will perform them with speed and efficiency. In addition, machines can predict and present solutions to various problems.