As the technology is increasing the crimes on the internet are also increasing. You have more chances to catch the criminal when you see him but cyber criminals are not seen. That is why many people fear of making transactions over the internet. You just need to increase customer confidence. Sharing of some important information is also risky without a secure connection. If you competitor get it hacked then you might have to face huge loss as well. Hence to make it safer the SSL certificate is given to the website. The Secure Socket Layers are basically some data files that are written in codes that work as a key for your website to the lock of server. When a user loads your website on the browser of his PC then these codes run and establish a secured connection between the browser and the web server. This is also very helpful to boost ranking in the search results of search engines.

EV SSL briefly:

The Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer or EV SSL is the code that is in advanced version. Through it, the user also identifies that the website he is working on is secured or not. There is a green bar that appears with the link which is an indication to the user that the particular website he is using is totally secured. This also improves website conversion. The customer needs to trust first, any user can visit your website and does any transaction if he feels safe to do so.


These certificates keep your precious data completely secured. When the customers see the green bar near the link then they automatically trust your website. When he gets his desired product safely from your website then he will surely recommend it to his friends and family and increased number of customers and good review will definitely increase your ranking in the search results of search engines.