Success of any venture hugely depends on how it is managed by the people at the helm of it. Many times, businesses have to sustain failure because they are poorly managed. In today’s fast paced time, when multitasking has become a norm rather than an extra personality trait, it is become even more important for business owners to have their schedules sorted with different management tools.

Thanks to the digital age, we are now provided with many online life management tools to streamline our everyday work. Here, we will talk about various management tools available online to better structure your work flow and other associated features.


If you want to efficiently deal with your to-do list then Clear is a clear winner. Its friendly user interface and an option to section your tasks in different themes help you to prioritize your work accordingly. With the help of constant reminders and push notifications, it is nearly impossible to forget some due task.

Constant bombardment of push notifications also prevents business owners to procrastinate necessary tasks in order to meet looming deadlines. Clear also save you time by having your progress report of to-do tasks synced with cloud account.


If you want to establish a smooth team work flow of your business operations then this online tool can help you to sync the activities of all of your employees through Google Calender. With the help of CalenGoo, you can set up collaborative schedules where all the employees can make their work entries. By doing this, you can easily track and manage the work of a group of individuals.

Reward Program Management Tools

As a business owner, you might have to travel very often and thus have signed up for multiple frequent flyer programs. Similarly, you may be a part of various loyalty and reward programs of various different commercial domains.

If you are running a business while simultaneously want to manage dozens of loyalty programs then it is humanly impossible. However, you can manage all of your different loyalty programs with the help of online reward program management tools such as These programs effectively help you to have all your reward and loyalty programs sorted so that you can avail their maximum benefits. Saving even small amounts of money in different categories of expenditure by availing rewards and loyalty programs are important for entrepreneurs, particularly the ones beginning with a new start-up.


With the prevalence of digital technology, we now spend considerable amount of our time on digital medium. For business owners, tracking their time is imperative to move in the right direction. RescueTime is a tool which helps you to track all the time spent on different digital mediums.

How much time you have spent on balancing and managing your bank accounts online to time spent on other worksheets, this application helps you to identify any online activity consuming up more of your crucial time.