Are you having problems with your small business marketing plan? Is it no longer working for your company? Are you no longer experiencing an increase in profit and sales? Then maybe it’s time for you to have a small business marketing makeover. Stop wasting your time and money on ineffective strategies. Learn how to pick out and implement effective ones instead just by following these few simple tips. First of all, stop worrying about the expense of having a marketing plan. What you have to think of is how effective will it be and what good will it bring to your company. And more importantly, will it help you hit your target market.

To illustrate, your company is selling products that are focused on mothers and pregnant women. Since you’re new in the business, you are on a tight budget. To promote your goods you chose to distribute flyers because it is an inexpensive and very easy to do. However, your flyers were distributed to a group of sports enthusiasts, teenagers and entrepreneurs. Because of this you weren’t able to reach your desired customers. Although printing and distributing ads fitted your budget, your time and money were put to waste because the group did not take any interest in the products that you were advertising. If this is the case, then you need to consider changing your goal. Focus on customer directed marketing and stop thinking about the cost.

To focus on your target market, get rid of the thought that everyone is interested in your product. Not everyone wants to buy feeding bottles and breast pumps. Face the reality that only a few people who need your products and services will buy them. So you have to keep your eye on that group because they are your potential customers. Your marketing strategy should be able to reach that target market to make your business profitable. To sum it up, you have to know who these people are and come up with effective ways on how to find them. The last step is to evaluate your marketing efforts. Identify where you are right now with your business. Are your efforts working for the better or otherwise? Keep in mind that your goal here is to find the small business marketing strategy that works best with your company.