If you run a retail outlet, you will already understand the importance of good signage, both inside your store and the exterior, and there are several types of shop signage. One of the main objectives for the shop owner is to create an ambience that enhances the customer experience, and the right signage is an integral part of that. Here are a few types of retail signage that are important.

Informational Signage

There are affordable commercial printing companies in Glasgow that can design and print informational signage, which might be to inform the customer about:

  1. The location of products
  2. The location of entrances and exits, including fire exits.
  3. Information about prices or product details.Informational signage is normally placed above eye level, as this allows it to be viewed from multiple locations, and the larger your store, the more information you need to give shop visitors.

Calls to Action

This type of sign is designed to encourage a customer to make a purchase, which might be something like, “Buy Now While Stocks Last”, or “Special Offer Until the End of the Month”. If worded correctly and place in the best locations, calls to action can be very effective in persuading a person to make a purchase.

Every retail outlet owner should spend time thinking about their interior signage, and by using an established commercial printer, your customers can enjoy the convenience that comes with effective signage. Make good use of your company colours when designing signage, which really helps customers identify your brand.

Provided by Dubak Electrical Group, industrial electrical contractors