Creating a brand name is a long and complicated process…

You wanted to check and you found on the Internet a whole literature on the various stages to follow, the traps which await you, the tricks to become more creative or animate a super brainstorming… in short all that it is necessary to know to obtain best name for your products and company: the magic name that will make your sales take off or your company be immediately recognized among its peers.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to come up with a name for your product or company!

Do not listen to all these pessimists, in fact it is not that difficult. Besides, haven’t you already found a name for your children, your favorite animal or your nickname on Twitter?

Just follow a few rules:

Go ahead, go for it! You don’t have to analyze your market, look at what your competitors are doing or know your potential customers. Research and briefing is only good for boring people.

Organize a big brainstorming session: with your associates, but not only. Open up new horizons: involve the lovely intern from the accounting department, the courier who admitted to being a poet in his spare time and even your cousin who has free time because he is not working at the moment … Settle in a large room with pizzas, coffees and energy drinks, without forgetting a table to note everything that leaks. Because of course, ideas will fuse. But be careful, don’t go too far: let yourself be guided by the one who speaks the loudest or remember only the consensus names on which everyone agrees. Otherwise you risk offending the participants.

Be descriptive, you launch an accounting software specially designed for architects: “ArchiKing”; You repair only old PCs: “OldPC Repair”; You must baptize a geolocation application: “GéoLoc”… So easy!

Especially short: no more than three letters. Beyond who can remember? It is for this reason that we prefer a Kia rather than a Lamborghini: far too complicated to remember!

Ask a name generator: this one or that one … it’s so simple: you indicate the characteristics of your product – imagine a slimming cream that works quickly – and you press the button. Not even time to prepare a coffee that a list of dream names has already fallen. What more could you ask for?

Remember everything that goes through your mind: including names that are completely unpronounceable … After all, your customers will eventually get used to it. And it’s not that bad if it’s a terrible insult in a foreign language.

Or give preference to names that evoke nothing: names that are cold, neutral, versatile and without relief. And too bad if product name generator gives no indication of the benefits of your products or services. At least they won’t make waves.

And of course, create your brand name only based on the domain name

Because the most important thing is that the .com extension is available! Is yours already taken? Too bad you can fall back on which is available. For marketing and communication, we point out that this may not be easy. It doesn’t matter, in the digital age, what matters is having a .com, right?

Still down? Use a crowdsourcing site. So for a few dollars, you can ask the first comer who passed by to give a name to your product or your company. Give a brief description of your services / products (not too many details, anyway because your project is confidential) and let the wisdom of the anonymous crowd lead you to an exceptional name! A name which of course has not already been registered.

And then drop the signatures! It’s difficult enough to create a name! Who needs in addition to clarify their positioning with talent?

Make a good research

As for the legal verification? There too who needs specialists? Do a search in Google that will be enough! And register your name yourself. For the advice and monitoring of your brand, you will see … Later.

Certain brand names give very clear indications on the activity of the company or on the products or services marketed. This is the case for example of Body Shop or a brand like “Nescafe”. The name alone identifies what it is, what the company does and sells. If you want a name like this for your business, you should especially check that the name is not already taken or that it does not strongly resemble an already existing name. The merit of this style of business name is its simplicity. We are getting straight to the point. The downside is that a name like this can quickly appear a little boring and seem unimaginative. Especially, if other companies have already had a similar idea.