Do you spend hours on end watching motivational speakers and thinking you could do it too? Well, the good news is that you can do it if you set your mind to it. No one is born a natural motivational speaker. You learn on the job, practice and keep getting better till you see your name as a Canadian keynote speaker.

But climbing to these heights requires a smart strategy, hard work and lots of networking connections in the corporate, government and civil service spheres. Here are some of the frequently asked questions on becoming a motivational speaker.

Is there training for motivational speakers?

There is no established course for motivational speaking. What you need is a message you would like to share, and which you are passionate about. This could be formed from your experiences, perspectives or expertise.

Top motivational speakers come from different backgrounds. They include Fortune500 CEOs, high-performance athletes, great scholars, politicians, and even people who have overcome great obstacles and tragedies and come out stronger.

Good motivational speaking requires good presentation skills including delivering your message clearly in written form. A course in creative writing is helpful.

How long does it take to learn?

It would likely take several years to become a Canadian keynote speaker at high profile events. Top motivational speakers get to where they are having made their brands in hundreds of events.

Is there a certification for motivational speakers?

There is no mandatory certification for speakers, but getting admission but the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers awards its members the Certified Speaking Professional designation. This opens more doors for speaking engagements.

How much do motivational speakers make?

Top motivational speakers command hundreds of thousands of dollars in appearance fees. But it takes time to get there. When starting out, a motivational speaker can expect figures even under ten thousand. How fast you grow depends on how savvy you are in growing your personal brand.

Here are a few tips on making a name as a motivational speaker;

  • Start a blog where you can air your views and market your content vigorously on social media
  • Participate in as many relevant local events as you can and request for speaking slots
  • Join in non-profit activities around your passion, possibly as a trainer and recruiter for the cause.
  • Join the local chapter of the Toastmasters Club, which is a grouping of people with interest in public speaking
  • Partner with an established speaker and ask them to pass along speaking chances at events they can’t attend

Every motivational speaker has a unique path. Choose your message, find an audience and start your journey. It will an experience worth sharing.