Working with the best discount broker in India helps you save considerably on the costs front. In the choice of a discount broker bear in mind that not each broker is the same. In your quest to search for a discount broker online there are some pointers you need to taking into consideration.


In search for a broker, first and foremost you are on the lookout for a broker who provides exclusive features which you are exploring. Each stock broker is going to have exclusive features as it needs to match your needs. It might depend upon your trading style as you are exploring some features in a broker. For example some discount brokers are providing investment advice just like your regular brokers do.

Pointers to consider

In your quest to search for a broker, you need to evaluate their features online. Most discount brokers have a plethora of information available about them on the websites. Go through them in details to understand whether they have all the necessary features you are looking for in your broker.

The thing that you would like to check out with various brokers is the trading interface. Each broking firm is going to provide a unique customer interface to suffice needs of the customers. Even before you commit in opening up an account with them, they would allow you to try out the services for free. On frequent trading with a broker you might be looking for further information on how they execute trades. No one would like to be involved with a broker who does not allow them to place trades in a timely manner.

In the choice of a discount broker you also would love to evaluate the trading options these brokers provide. Ideally for each and every trade you place you would want to track them. For the purposes of tax you would want to consider the cost basis of each and every trade that they place. Some brokers do make the task a lot easier by providing software where you can go on to figure out the trade that you are undertaking.


In your search for an online discount broker go through the reviews. It is of fundamental importance that you go through the reviews. In most cases you might be able to come across the reviews of online brokers from the websites. These reviews are written by real experts who might have interacted with the broker earlier in some capacity or other.

In addition there are some sites which helps you to evaluate the performance of a broker. A rating or cumulative score from among all the customers who been part of the rating process is put forth. Though you cannot believe each and everything which is written online, but you can form a general consensus about the broker. If the negative reviews outscore the number of positive reviews, the signs are obvious that you need to choose another broker.