Nowadays companies with the limited number of employees make an area for employee breaks without leaving their work that is denoted as Staff Room, Coffee Corner, or simply Coffee or Vending Room. The importance of this facility become increased which considered as a fundamental element by the majority of Human Resources managers of the companies. The available range of products is mainly divided into three categories that include coffee and hot beverages machines, soft drinks or cold drinks machines and snack or solid food machines.

Vending is the name given to the sale of products and services through automatic machines. Vending operators are characterized by offering three basic ranges or lines in these vending machines: such as coffee machines and hot beverages, machines for soft drinks or cold drinks and snack machines or solid foods. The business portfolio of references has grown exponentially in recent years with nutritional products, fruit, salads, and many other things. Initially, these services were started for the businesses only, which are completely free for the client which has important advantages for companies through their vending machine service. With the time these services have evolved significantly. Companies that need these services can acquire it from vending distributors. In contrast to this, general industrial machinery for vending use for maintaining the record of inventory in business. Installation of general vending machines provides various benefits for the company that include: comfort & quality at your fingertip, economy of products, offer good prices that is below average market and cafes. This machine saves time of employee; there is no need to leave or lose time resting in queues or waiting. Hygiene and effectiveness are maintained in vending products that ensure products are well preserved, protected and always ready. These machines are flexible to install and reduce cost as the cost of products in vending machines is always lower than any other system. This indirectly increases business productivity as it is shown that taking a break and relaxation during working hours favors both psychological and physical performance of the employee. This supports for developing the business image and good perception about the company. Through this staff interprets that the company cares for them when installing quality of vending, which improves their vision of the company where they work. Each break mentally and physically relaxes the employee. Vending also adds the social component of human contact with other employees when accessing the vending machines. Reduction of risk for accidents caused by mental or physical fatigue, both in the workplace and in itinerary when going out to buy.

The vending service in offices and factories has a special role, by configuring services of private vending. The service of vending machines for workers play an essential role for those who cannot leave their workplace and do not have another consumer alternative, such as convenience stores. Vending has modernized these habits based on its experience with different clients. The service in these work centers is characterized by having an attractive portfolio of references for an adult audience, as well as an optimal service based on continuous supervision for service quality.