China tops the world in Exports. This is because; their goods are with the quality and available at affordable prices. The importer’s trust shipment inspections & audit companies. They make it possible for the importers to receive the correct quantity and quality products at their end. These are the best practice one should follow in international trade and shipment. When it comes to importing from China, there is vast competition. Every importer must hire a service from a third-party pre-shipment inspection agency. Here, we have discussed how to hire them online and offline.

Factory Audit Companies in China

There are many factory audit companies in China. They do pre-shipment inspection services too. You can find their office in the main business district. The importers can approach them and fix a price for shipment inspection and audit works. They are affordable and do it as per your requisite. However, they may charge you a higher price, if the inspection is at different places. This can be at the factory, warehouse, and container loading place. It will be better to discuss the packing and shipment process in detail. They will make those arrangements and see the inspection and audit is carried as per your guidelines.

Multi-national Inspection Companies

It is very easy to find an MNC inspection company in China. The smart way to find them is online. The importers can book them online. They will be having branches in China. In this way, you can find them from your country itself. They use the latest techniques and methodology in shipment procedures. They give you a soft copy reports instantly via e-mail. They are affordable when you book them online. Yet, shipment inspections & audits will be one of their services.

Pre-shipment Inspection Companies

There are specialized inspection companies. They serve pre-shipment inspections only. They are the best when you import in bulk quantities of goods regularly. They send their team to a warehouse, packing-place and the final shipment place or the loading place. They work 24/7 such that they will be present in a factory, where 80% to 100% production is over. They follow your guidelines and do as per the compliance.

They do not charge you any additional charges for visiting more than one site for inspection. They will give a vast discount when you book them for a long-term contract. The specialized inspection companies are the best for any importers, who are dealing with China for a longer period.

Shipment inspection and audit will save you time and money. This kind of best practice in trading will benefit the importer and the manufacturer too. In this way, they can do better business in the future. They will also learn from where they went wrong. This will ensure the right quantity and quality of products shipped to the importer’s place. Here, you will build trust with your consumers. They will be your customers as far as you deliver them a better quality of products.